Georgia Snow

January 07, 2017

You know I am as cynical and sarcastic as it gets sometimes, and am often so ashamed of living in GA. However, even though I too make fun of milk sandwiches, I actually appreciate the way we handle winter "storms." I see it as an inside joke. MOST of us are a little excited to get off early, excited that it will be a more challenging drive home, but we really are pretty sure we will make it. Several other little "fun" things. Most of us are smiling and laughing. The rednecks with their huge trucks feel like heroes, except for when THEY get stuck in a ditch showing out. And of course if we actually get snow, and the ,very rare in GA, snowmen/women/people/dragons and SNOW ICE CREAM!!!!!!! Really it is not "snow" that is the problem usually, it is ICE and ice is what we often get and we are in NO way prepared for ICE. After all, it is not uncommon for Christmas day to be 70+ degrees. We simply do not know how to safely handle it and we know it. It is the only sensible thing we do know.
So make fun of us Georgians and our dusting of snow. I will laugh with you while I read my book, feed my birds, drink my toddy or hot cocoa and enjoy my winter holiday.


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