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Boudoir is a term overused and misused these days. I have created romantic sexy photographs showing a woman's real beauty for decades, in lingerie, in nothing, in the bedroom, in the studio or even outdoors. None of that really matters it is a portrait about you.
Ashley's Silver LiningBath In The WoodAstrid in RedAstrid B&WAstrid-150124-0475-LOGOLynzee & Teryn 130915-0009-edit-2Madi Mirror-0018Marly-0068Marly-0146Noel 150314-0167-edit-editTeryn Mize_11-25-2010 8-21-31 PM_064untitled-0009Madi Mirror-0242-EditMadi-012-EditAshley H-431-EditAstrid 150411-0202