Vintage Services

By now you know I have been performing professional photographic service for nearly half a century, so I have a skill set and some equipment that may be rare these days. Once a young person who had not met me was corresponding and asked, why do you try to do vintage-looking photos, I answered, "My dear I AM vintage, I'm not trying." So for better or worse, I am vintage. I got to thinking why hide it? Besides, as often happens, it seems everything old is new again, so I thought I would offer some of my vintage services. Feel free to ask if you do not see a vintage service you are interested in. All services are on a limited basis, somewhat dependent on my mood. Email [email protected]

Copy old photos & artwork.

Chain stores can copy your old photos, you likely have a scanner yourself. The reason you may want to consider having me do the work for you is first off I have been copying difficult to copy work like ambrotypes and tintypes for decades. I can make a higher resolution file than the store would do. I can copy much larger than the store can. I know how to safely handle fragile works. I can give you the files on a USB drive/SD card, online or another way of your choice.

NEW Special pricing on large quantities of scans!

I have THOUSANDS of family photographs myself made before digital, so I purchased an automated scanner. I can scan and make a digital file for you for as little as $1 each in quantity over 100 and you purchase a print of each one scanned. Check on other options and lesser quantities.

Archival prints

I do all of my own printing so I can offer truly archival and museum-certified prints on cotton rag paper using archival certified pigment inks. Color and B&W. Some of the paper/ink combinations I use are rated up to 300 years for B&W properly stored. Truly heirloom quality.

Film Services

I still develop and shoot black & white film in-house from time to time.

Video & other vintage media

I have the equipment to capture your VHS tapes, DV tapes, and DVDs to MP4 files you can play on most computers and smart devices. I can also do other formats if you have the player. I can also capture the audio from records and cassette tape. On an especially good day, I can sometimes read your 3.5 floppy disks.

Click here to read about my new 8mm movie scanning service

Classic portrait photography

Since I am indeed vintage and have more experience than most working photographers you can find, I can create a classic but completely unique studio portrait to last for generations. See my other photography pages for that.

T-shirt iron-on hot press

Holy 1980's Batman! You don't get much more vintage than T-shirt iron-ons. I bought a press on a whim recently because I always enjoyed making my own one-off designs back in the day. The transfers I have been making with pigment ink actually seem to last fairly well, though nothing will come close to a good silkscreen.

State of the art

Even though I can do and still enjoy the vintage I do have a fully equipped digital studio with state-of-the-art equipment.